How to Maintain Your Carpet

Below you will find some tips on how to properly maintain your carpet to make sure it stays as clean as possible.

Tip #1. Vacuum Frequently

High traffic areas need to be vacuumed at least every three days to prevent dirt from scratching the carpet fibers. Did you know that 85% of dry soil can be removed by just vacuuming?

Tip #2. Get To Stain As Quickly As Possible

Keep a bottle of seltzer water handy, apply water directly to stain and absorb with a white cotton towel. Repeat this process until stain starts lifting from carpet fiber.

Whatever you do, never rub hard. It is best to be gentle and patient.

Tip #3. No Bleach Products, No Red Dye Products

Never ever use bleach! It will take the color right out of the carpet. Also, red dye (like in Kool-Aid and many soft drinks) will not come out of carpet fibers. You must use a dye remover with a heat transfer process.

This process is best left to a trained carpet cleaning professional.

Tip #4. Over-the-Counter Spot Removers Are Limited

Over-the-counter spot removers have a limited effect. Make sure you read the direction and use them sparingly. We sell a home pro-spotter called Avenge for $10.00. However, we will give you a FREE bottle for free with any service over $100.00.

Tip #5. When In Doubt, Call a Carpet Cleaning Professional

When you are in doubt and not quite sure what to do, call a professional carpet cleaner. Most carpet cleaners, including us, will be happy to give you free advice on carpet care and stain removal. We can be reached at 602-882-1804.

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