Cleaning Prices & Packages

Coupon driven companies that advertise to your mail box that they will clean at $5.99 per are not legitimate.

In small print they will tell you that pre-conditioning or shampoo is additional service. You end up paying much more than what the coupon would have you believe.

Go to YouTube and look up carpet cleaning, there are many videos that show this scam. Non-reputable companies used something call assumed sales and clean your carpet then give you the bill along with a heart attack.  Avoid these companies.

We have a three room $90.00 minimum charge for our basic cleaning service and once again will walk your job and give you a firm estimate that you will be able to refer to when the job is completed.

We offer our Presidential Executive Service NINE step carpet cleaning for customers looking for the ultimate cleaning experience. We charge .60 cents per square foot. Inspection, pre-spotting, power-scrub, steam cleaning and rinse, apply carpet protector, groom carpet, block most furniture, speed dry, and post inspection.  This is the ultimate in carpet cleaning. We normally send two-crews and have the job completed in half the time.

With the purchase of three Presidential Executive Service carpet cleans we will clean the fourth time for FREE!

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