Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning…

Q: What’s the best way to clean carpet?

Hot water extraction (referred to as steam cleaning) is recommended by the major carpet mill such as  Shaw.  Most warranties imply that the carpet must be cleaned every six months or the warranty will be invalid.  The only drawback to steam cleaning is the dry time.  Most carpets take 4 to 8 hours to dry.

Q: Will my carpet re-soil faster after carpet cleaning?

In most cases no.  We recommend the use of a good liquid spray for carpet protection.  It keeps the soil from absorbing into the carpet fibers and keeps the dirt on the outside of the carpet fiber.  Protection comes with ALL new carpets and slowly degrades with normal use. The re-application of this protection keeps the carpet staying cleaner and last much longer.

Q: Should I  just look for the most inexpensive carpet cleaning bid?

No. If the budget is a major concern you can rent a low-power low-performance machine at your local grocery store.   You can buy one for under $400.00 dollars.  One of our machines cost over $25,000 dollars.  Coupon driven companies are bad news and most give us reputable companies a bad image.  Find a company that backs their work and you are comfortable using and would recommend to friends and family.  Pay a fair price and know what the price will be before the work is started.

Why should I choose ECS LLC over another carpet cleaning company? 

We do much more than carpet cleaning.  We repair carpets, install new carpets, dye carpets, dry carpets and structures. We clean tile, upholstery, wax and buff, and resilient flooring. We can save your carpets when most companies would tell you to replace.